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Angry Birds coming to Facebook

It’s now official – the Flash 11 version of Angry Birds is coming to Facebook on 14th of February. We’ve been pretty busy with this project and we still are so that’s why I haven’t been writing in my blog but after the launch I’ll try to find time to write a post about the journey.

In the mean time you can join the Facebook event at!/events/174654275973227/

Happy new year 2012

Happy new year to all the readers of this blog! I’ll try to find time to write a new post at least once a month also this year. The this years topics should also vary a bit more and not always be about Starling framework. You can expect to read more about Angry Birds development, ActionScript and programming in general.

Angry Birds goes Flash 11

Yesterday was a remarkable day for our pretty new Flash team at Rovio since the very first Angry Birds game using Flash 11 went live. Like mentioned in my Adobe MAX presentation we are using Stage3D and Starling framework for the graphics rendering and so far we’ve been very happy with the results. Later with the data and feedback collected from this project we’ll hopefully be able to find solutions to all the remaining issues no matter how small they are. If the findings are anything interesting you can expect to read about them here in my blog.

To try the game yourself just visit and register to play. The game is in Spanish since it was made for PepsiCo Mexico so as a tip the fields in the registration form are “nick name”, “password” twice, “email” and “age” with rest being optional.

Poll – what should I write next about?

So far I have been writing about optimizing and tweaking the Starling Framework. That has offered in my optionion a fresh topic for several pretty interesting posts but now when I have got those out I am asking you what would you want me to write next about? Should I still write about some aspect of the Starling Framework or go with something totally different? Suggest your topic here and I may write about that next!

“One more” Starling post coming soon

I’ve been pretty busy the last two weeks so I haven’t had time to update this blog but things will hopefully change during the next weekend. So far I’ve been mainly focusing on the performance issues of the Starling framework in Flash 11 but the next post will be about handling the Stage3D “device loss” which results an application crash if not handled properly. More about that before the end of this week!

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