Monthly Archives: January 2012

Naming conventions and obfuscation

Just fixed a nasty bug that was caused by the fact that we had added a new XML element and an ActionScript class that had exactly same names. This ifself wouldn’t cause any problems but when the code was run through an obfuscation software the problems started. The part of the code where we were actually referencing to this child element in the XML, not the class with the same name, got also obfuscated and naturally it then didn’t match the XML files read in.

The solution for the problem was as easy as to simply follow common naming conventions – start the names of the classes with upper case letters and the names of XML elements with lower case letters. After converting the names of the new XML elements to start with lower case also the obfuscated code started to work fine again.

Angry Birds coming to Facebook

It’s now official – the Flash 11 version of Angry Birds is coming to Facebook on 14th of February. We’ve been pretty busy with this project and we still are so that’s why I haven’t been writing in my blog but after the launch I’ll try to find time to write a post about the journey.

In the mean time you can join the Facebook event at!/events/174654275973227/

Happy new year 2012

Happy new year to all the readers of this blog! I’ll try to find time to write a new post at least once a month also this year. The this years topics should also vary a bit more and not always be about Starling framework. You can expect to read more about Angry Birds development, ActionScript and programming in general.