The presentation at Adobe MAX 2011.

My name is Ville Koskela and I’m Technical Manager for Game Programmers at Rovio Entertainment Ltd the Finnish company behind Angry Birds. I started at Rovio in the beginning of September 2011. Currently my team consists of five senior, seven regular, two junior and one trainee game programmers working on both C++ and ActionScript3 game development and Java server development.

Before Rovio I worked several years as a Software Architect at Sulake Corporation Ltd. where I had an active role in the design and development of the Flash player version of the Habbo Hotel. Altogether I have been working in different programmer job positions in the web and mobile software industry over 14 years. Before my professional career I had been programming 10 years as a hobby with Basic, Turbo Pascal, x86 assembler, C and C++.

Angry Birds Facebook launch day. Some “playoff beard” from the last weeks.

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