Monthly Archives: June 2012

Angry Birds Heikki is out!

Hello to all Angry Birds fans again!

The highly anticipated Angry Birds Heikki went live yesterday. The game is inspired by and themed around Heikki Kovalainen. Currently there is a level called “Silverstone” open and the remaining eleven levels will keep opening together with the progress of Heikki’s season. The game uses again Flash 11 technology to provide everyone a smooth gameplay and has some really nice levels and graphics. Check it out now and also keep checking it later when more and more levels are unlocked!

Remember also to keep checking Heikki’s Facebook page to get the power up codes. With the codes you unlock a special Heikki version of the Terrence which you can use in all the currently open levels for one week. I hope you all have nice time playing this game!

Angry Birds goes Coke

Hello Angry Birds fans! There’s another branded version of Angry Birds out there. This time it’s for Coca-Cola China and now in addition to traditional game mechanic the players are collecting drum beats by hitting drums that are placed on levels. By collecting these beats you will both unlock two levels of your own and also help to reach the community goal which will again unlock three new levels. The levels in this game and especially the locked ones are pretty cool so I recommend all the Angry Birds fans to try the game!

Since the game is in Chinese here’s short instructions how to register and login:

In the registration screen you need to provide your email, new password for this service and a nickname to be used on the leader boards.

In the login screen you login with your email and password.

Hope you all will enjoy this game!

Angry Birds top rated game in Facebook

After Facebook launched its appcenter it was nice to see Angry Birds Friends to be number one in the top rated games with a rating really close to five stars. Big thanks to all you Angry Birds fans out there! It’s your positive feedback that makes the day for us game developers. Also if you haven’t yet tested the recently introduced “weekly tournaments” now is a perfect moment for that!