Speaking at Multi-Mania 2012

It’s awfully long time since my previous post but I’ve been really busy with both the one megabyte “play on wall” version of Angry Birds Facebook and the recruitment of new Flash programmers. My team has now grown with couple of developers but we are still looking for new talented people. Related to this I will be speaking at Multi-Mania 2012 in Kortrijk Belgium 22nd of May. If you happen to be there feel free to come talk with me after my presentation about possible work opportunities at Rovio. The 45 minute presentation itself will be about bringing Angry Birds to Facebook. Topics covered will include reasons for picking Flash 11 and Starling framework for building the game, optimizing the performance and user experience with different kinds of hardware and getting and maintaining the service quality with millions of users. I believe the session should offer something interesting for both developers and designers.

See you at Multi-Mania!

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