Angry Birds Facebook released

It has finally happened. The Facebook version of Angry Birds was released on 14th of February right on the promised schedule. We came a long way from the demo shown in Adobe Max last year on all the fronts. The graphics engine is now starting to be in a shape and performance level I’m happy with and even the special effects promised in Adobe Max are coming really soon. The social features were designed and implemented and the problems related to Facebook dialogs and Flash 11 requiring direct wmode were also solved on most of the browsers.

Everyone in the team worked really hard to get the game out but I want to separetely thank here Stefan Hauk, our Lead Server programmer, for the amazing work in getting the server side of the game done and also Ari Arnbjörnsson, our Senior Flash Programmer, for his contribution on the Flash side and in solving the browser specific problems. Big thanks to the whole team for working long days to get the game out! There are still things to do but the game is already in pretty good shape.

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